Countryfile BBC1 air date 7pm 28th April

Countryfile BBC1 air date 7pm 28th April

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The greatest inspiration for my work comes from nature, I love the incredible tiny details, the patterns, symmetry, colour and texture. Paper is the perfect medium to express the beauty of nature, with it’s tactile quality and vast range of colours and styles.

All my sculptures are made entirely from paper, sculpting the internal structures from card and embellishing with lighter more decorative papers. A big part of the creative process is hunting out paper with interesting finishes and colours that will give my models a creative twist. I also take inspiration from the design world, seeking inspiration from creative industries such as fashion, interiors and graphic design.

I’ve been working in the commercial industry for 20 years. I started my career as a graphic designer and After Effects animator in London, working on TV Commercials for the music industry. I then moved on to direct live action music videos and eventually co-owned and was the creative director of an animation company based in London, called Mr and Mrs Smith. I began to work with paper 8 years ago and it is now my main profession.

Tv features: BBC Countryfile, Punkt 12 TV Germany, Showheros Berline TV Berlin, Ja Tu Feras TV Barcelona.

Exhibitions: ‘Bestiaire Du Papier’ Moulin Du Got France, ‘The Art of Langleys’ London, Milan Design Week 2018, Clerkenwell Design Week 2015.

Book and magazine features: Elle Decor Italia, ‘Papercrafts - A Makers guide’ Thames and Hudson / V&A, ‘Super Science’ Scholastic New York, ‘Insectes’ magazine France, ‘Allt om Tidskrifter’ Sweden, ‘Tout Comprendre +’ France, ‘The Times’ newspaper, ‘Art’ magazine Scholastic New York.

Online features: My Modern Met, This is Colossal, Design Week, Creative Boom, Reflexive magazine, Mind Mag Italy, Zone One Arts Australia, Inspiration Hut, John Grimwade U.S.A, The Inspiration grid, Plain magazine, All things paper, Journal du Design, Print 24, Tic Time.