Shipping within the UK

Shipping is not included. The price can vary greatly depending on the distance. Due to the fragility of the box frames, collection or a designated driver is preferred. Other courier options are available.

Shipping Overseas

Shipping is not included. Special delivery of box frames can be arranged, various courier options are available.

Production time

As a rule the models take approximately 6-8 weeks to complete. There can sometimes be a waiting list, in this event I can produce a bespoke card which can be used as a gift.

Care instructions

UV glass is highly recommended for box frames, if using normal glass it is very important to keep the artwork out of direct sunlight such as near a window, this will avoid colour fading.

Avoid moist environments, such as bathrooms damp conservatories etc.

If the work is put into storage I recommend putting silica sachets in the box to absorb any moisture.

Duke of Burgundy

Original Artwork

This paper sculpture of The Duke of Burgundy butterfly was commissioned by the BBC for Country file Spring Special, first aired 28th April.

This is the original paper model and completely unique - it doesn’t exist anywhere else. It is made entirely from paper, the body structure is constructed from card and the texture is made up of over 3,000 hand cut paper tabs, meticulously hand glued freehand to create the pattern. Everything is made entirely from paper.

Frame dimensions: depth 5.5 cm, length 31 cm, height 22 cm.

The bespoke frame is hand made from Maple wood.

Price: £1,325.00 (shipping not included)

Private commission

Please get in touch if you are interested in commissioning a different butterfly, moth, or your own unique display.

The size and level of detail can be customised to suit your budget and vision.

Creating a bespoke paper sculpture for someone is an exciting adventure. Initially we discuss the subject that is close to your heart, this can be anything from a bird or a shell to a particular flower or animal, there’s a lot of beauty out there in the world!

The next step is to decide the creative approach, whether you’d like to reproduce the sculpture true to life or to use an expressive style, this can be an exploration in colour and paper, pattern and texture.

Throughout the process I update with regular work in progress images, time lapse and videos until final completion.